Henning, 21 years old

Foto: Carsten Witte

“I"I'm Henning, 21 years old, from Greifswald, I withdraw from my studies in political science, I'm now going on hunger strike... because I have a clear vision: We must finally talk honestly.

Because we are really fucked up - the Co2 values continue to rise! They are rising and rising. CO2 values don’t care about the green-painted election campaign. The next government has to reduce emissions drastically to have a chance. And the plans of the parties are all insufficient, that is simple mathematics. So chancellor candidates Armin Laschet, Olaf Scholz, Annalena Baerbock... How long do we have to go on hunger strike until we finally talk honestly?

The only hope left to protect life is people like you and me pointing to the state of emergency.

So if you've ever asked yourself, "What would I have done during the Third Reich, or during the American Black Civil Rights Movement, or at any other historical time?" It's essentially what you're doing right now.

When the government fails so badly to protect our future, the young generation is left with nothing but peaceful resistance. The hunger strike is a risky venture, but to dare nothing would be far riskier. We are fasting for life."

Mephisto, 18 Years old:

Foto: Carsten Witte

"When I first heard that people were going on hunger strike this year,
I thought: Krass...

But it's just not okay what's happening out there and how it's being dealt with. People are dying all over the world right now because of the climate crisis. We've been warned for decades. When the Paris climate agreement was put in place, it was clear that we were headed for disaster. The government simply ignored it although they could have stopped it. Instead, blinded by money and power, it looked the other way, and it still does. Just as too many people look away and want to suppress what is happening right before our eyes.

We are the last generation left to stop the catastrophe of irreversible climate collapse and that scares the hell out of me seeing our government and its current behavior. I've tried various forms of activism, from vigils to rallies to civil disobedience to blockades. I went to government buildings and tried with groups of people to bring our concerns to the public, trying to draw attention to our state of emergency and to apply pressure. What I primarily encountered afterwards was police violence, repression and politicians who continued to ignore us. For a long time I racked my brains about what still has to happen. What has to happen until action is finally taken before it is too late. What else will I have to do, how far have I to go reaching my limits.

I am ready to sacrifice a lot for it, because I don't want to say later that I looked away and didn't know anything. Because I do know. That's why I see it as my obligation to give everything - and if that means putting my own health on the line, then that's what I'll do.

That's why I've decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike starting August 30 with a group of determined people who think the same way I do."

Rumen, 20 Years old

Foto: Carsten Witte

"I ask myself, what can I do as an individual to break the fossil relations of power and money between the economic and political elite. A good three years ago now, it struck me: We as a society are responsible for our actions. Sure I can vote, but that's not fucking enough. That's why I actively tried to make my voice heard with peaceful resistance. For three years we were led around by the nose. Do you actually realize how angry I am?

What do I have to lose anyway? In view of what is at stake. We are the last generation that has a decisive influence on the extent of the climate crisis. With our hunger strike, we are putting pressure on the government. I have no choice. We are the uprising of the last generation! I believe we all need to take a step forward, to get out of our comfort zone. I quit my apprenticeship as a baker at the beginning of the year. In three days I will go on hunger strike with determination. There is no going back to normal!"

Simon, 22 Years old

Foto: Carsten Witte

"Covered by lobby-based politics, the corporations have exploited the earth and the people in an endless mania for growth. It can no longer go on like this. If we do not overcome capitalism, it will wipe out humanity!

Already now millions of people are starving and dying because of the climate crisis. In solidarity with all those who already have to endure these consequences, I am going on an indefinite hunger strike from August 30. For years now I have been doing my best, demonstrations and civil disobedience, we have been ridiculed and ignored. We cannot be ignored anymore because our lives are at stake. We must act now."

Lina, 18 Years old:

Foto: Carsten Witte

"I am going on an indefinite hunger strike because we have been ignored for far too long and we need a change right now. A change in the system. I'm going on an indefinite hunger strike for the same reason I'm blocking streets and occupying political buildings: I want to address the politicians directly. Society needs to see that we are heading towards climate collapse with full force.

For many years I have been standing on the streets with my political protest and yet nothing has changed. I started with small actions and since then I have become more and more radical. And I think that this is exactly what was necessary. The climate crisis is already costing the lives of countless people. It will not go on like this!

I have no choice but to hope and to contribute my part to the change. To hope that we can avert or reduce this threat through further protests. Ecosystems collapse, living beings die out, environmental disasters and extreme weather increase. I am pushing to my limits, including my health limits. Sitting in front of the Bundestag instead of being in the classroom. I go on an indefinite hunger strike. The laws protect an unjust system that drives climate collapse ahead instead of stopping it. We are direct, loud, uncomfortable and uncompromising. We will not be ignored any longer."