The reality that we live in

We are in an urgent emergency. Despite Corona, the trend is continuous.
This cannot be: emissions continue to rise! [1]

None of the parties in parliament have a plan that takes these developments seriously. [2] They have been lying to us for years! They give us empty green promises for the coming decades while counting on a growing economy that destroys our climate and biodiversity. [3]

We do not have any damn time left!
According to a leaked report of the third working group of the IPCC, we have three more years left of business as usual, until we will reach a global heating of two degrees Celsius. [4]

A world hotter by two degrees already means incredible human suffering, mass refugee movements of billions of people, harvest shortfalls and wars on water and food. Agriculture will simply produce less and less food and we are fearing famines of never seen before extent.
The climate collapse means radical weather conditions, breakdowns of ecosystems as well as the gradual loss of all that we have (freedom, peace, water, food, air).

There is no going back!
Another heating up hold the immense risk of a galloping climate change that cannot be limited by human influence. This means a much hotter world by far. 4 degrees, 5 degrees, 6 degrees. Science calls it the "Hothouse Earth" [5]. We are now witnessing the last moments in which we can still leave this path.

This is mass murder..
In a 4-5 degrees hotter world, which we will reach this very century according to the current state, only an estimated 1-2 billion people will find a place - This means the biggest mass extinction of human history [6].

This is no destiny, this is murder. [7] The super rich protect a foul system that causes the climate catastrophe.
Because knowledge about the climate catastrophe and its consequences has been well-known for decades now, but company leaders and politicians continued to exploit and destroy - out of greed and racist apathy towards the ones affected - we should not talk about climate change as something that happens, but as something that is made., reden.

This is about you too!
Upholding this system destroys the climate and thus kills us.
It is taking away the livelihoods of billions of people and it will send off the young generation and the following generations into foreseeable deadly consequences of corrupt weather and destroyed agriculture. With this kind of future in mind, we are wondering: What do we have to loose now, if we will not stop it?

We have the power!!
We have a democratic understanding of power. We know that profound systemic changes are needed to stop the climate catastrophe. Recent history shows that such changes - like the Civil Rights Movement in the US, women's vote or the fall of the Berlin Wall - need to be fought for outside of parliaments.

Looking at recent history, we see a clear picture: non-violent civil resistance offers the most promising strategies for direct and profound changes of the status quo for the better.

In times like these, where political and economic ways and acts become even more deadly, it is our moral obligation to stand up against them. So we are joining the call to action by Christiana Figueres, mother of the Paris climate agreement. [8]

“Civil disobedience is not only a moral choice, it is also the most powerful way of shaping world politics.”

Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief

The elections

On September 26th, there will be parliamentary elections in Germany.

Climate justice is not something you can vote for, but climate destruction is!
All [big parliamentary] parties are missing Germany's [necessary paths] by a lot. Even the election programs that are going the furthest (Linke and Grüne) have [...] gaps when it comes to necessary measures. To the analysis of the electoral programs (in German).

In the elections, all big parties give bullshit-promises when it comes to the climate catastrophe and our survival. We cannot come even closely to solving the emergency with these elections. It is time for non-violent civil disobedience. It is time for everyone to take brave steps.

There is no future without courage.

What we want to change

We are entering indefinite huger strike with the following two demands:

  1. a live-broadcasted two-hour conversation about the murder of the young generation between four of the hunger strikers and the chancellor-candidates Armin Laschet, Annalena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz.
  2. the promise to establish a binding and representative citizen's council that will have to include the change to 100% constructive agriculture amongst other topics.

We need global system changes - on a great deal of different levels. From our point of view, the citizen's council can be a first setting of the course.


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[2] Analysis of the election programs August 2021: Konzeptwerk neue Ökonomie (text in german) https://t.co/KytFnz8zcq?amp=1

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[4] See publications on the Scientist Rebellion's webpages:

[5] Trajectories of the Earth in the Anthropocene”

Graphic from the paper “Trajectories of the Earth in the Anthropocene”

[6] Quote from Johan Rockström, Potsdamer Institut für Klimafolgenforschung: "“It’s difficult to see how we could accommodate eight billion people or maybe even half of that,” he says. “There will be a rich minority of people who survive with modern lifestyles, no doubt, but it will be a turbulent, conflict-ridden world.” Source

[7] A murderer is someone who [...] kills a person [...] out of greed.

[8] https://youtu.be/1wN9ppTnC0k