#takethechair: The "hunger strike of the last generation" becomes the uprising of the many

The hunger strikers are splitting up into different directions. On this page, the majority of the group that ended their hunger strike, communicates. We are not speaking for the people who are planning to go on a dry hunger strike. We are not motivating anyone to go on a hunger strike. From now on we are using this website: https://take-the-chair.com/

After more than three weeks of hunger strike, the disillusioning result is the following: the chancellor-candidates are unwilling to speak and act on the climate catastrophe. There has been no willingness to join a public conversation.

This is why the majority of the initial hunger strikers have ended their action. Jacob Heinze, Rumen Grabow and Simon Helmstedt have begun to eat again. Before that, on Sunday, Lina Eichler and Mephisto have ended their hunger strike.

"Our hope is not on politics, says speaker Hannah Lübbert. "Our hope is on the people that do not want to wait any longer, that do not want to accept "business as usual" anymore and that in all different kinds of ways fight for change everywhere."

#takethechair - Three seats will remain empty. Have it.

Thursday, Sptember 23rd - this is the day that we invited the chancellor-candidates to talk to us about our catastrophic future. We know that these seats will remain empty.

The hunger strike began with the declaration of the last generation 24 days ago. It stated:

Dear people, please listen to us! We are the last generation that can still change something. There is only this one planet for us to survive. [...] But our planet is in a critical situation. Our climate is heating up and our ecosystems are breaking down. Corruption and concentration of power in the hands of a few rob us of any hope for change. Profits are being made every minute by selling out our future.

This is why we are appealing to everyone to take those chairs - everyone, who sees that there is no future like this.

Together we are also calling everyone to join the global Climate Strike on September 24th. We also appeal to you to become active furthermore than that.


Jacob Heinze
Lina Eichler
Rumen Grabow
Simon Helmstedt

Hannah Lübbert (press contact: 152 0735 0960)

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