We need brave people now

If you want to support us, you can advocate for our cause. Let's try everything to stop the climate catastrophe - as long as we still can. Become active yourself, because we cannot shoulder it on our own.

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Visit the chancellor-candidates
Mail campaign
Talk held by the hunger strikers
Solidary support

Talk held by the hunger strikers:
The last generation, hunger strike and how you can join.

Jeden Montag 18 Uhr und Donnerstag 18 Uhr


Those who have the privilege of knowing have the obligation to act

Albert Einstein

You are desperate in facing the climate catastrophe and want to do more? You see how politically, nothing really happens nor changes and you seriously want to take it a step further and give society a wake up call?

Us as well. We are the last generation that can stop the irreversible collapsing of the climate.

In the regular briefings, you can talk to the hunger strikers. We are in need of brave people who will help us now. Everyone can join .

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Help us by paying attention to us. Stay informed about our hunger strike and inform others:
– telegram https://t.me/hungerstreik 
– twitter https://twitter.com/hungerstreik21
– instagram https://www.instagram.com/hungerstreik21/
– rss-feed http://hungerstreik2021.de/feed

Support us: During our hunger strike, there are many open tasks coming up that we need help with, for instance: constructing and maintaining our camp, emotional support, material and financial support and many more.

Contact us if you want to support us:
- Signal chat: https://tinyurl.com/hs21supportIn the chat, lists with open tasks will be posted.
- Contact email: hungerstreik@protonmail.comWrite to us, if you would like to support.
- Form to join: Mitmachformular(the form is in german). Add your contact and we will get in touch with you.

Donate: You do not have the time right now to help out but would still like to support us? Help us with a (regular) donation.

Going into hunger strike as well? Not alone, not unprepared!

Visit this page: Solidary support

We are urging to not take the hunger strike as a form of action too lightly. We are not calling on people to go into hunger strike. To not eat as an someone who is unprepared, uninformed, sensitive to eating disorders or underage is highly risky and we urgently discourage from it.

If the topic still does not let you go, and if you are thinking about going into a temporary solidary hunger strike, we will not leave you be on your own.
Please text or call us:
+49 174 6013244