Mail campaign

Write an email to the chancellor-candidates and challenge them to join the conversation! You can use the template below for inspiration, and add what moves you personally. Adjust the text individually.

Ihr könnte allen drei Kanzlerkandidat*innen gemeinsam oder einzeln schreiben:


Wir dokumentieren hier ein mögliches Anschreiben, here. findet sind ein weiterer:

Dear chancellor-candidates Mrs. Baerbock, Mr. Laschet and Mr. Scholz,

For 16 days now, six young people are on hunger strike in Berlin, to draw attention to the urgency of the climate catastrophe.

They have - different from Mahatma Gandhi at the time - two easy to accomplish demands:

- a two hour long conversation with you three chancellor-candidates about the murder of the young generation

- the promise to establish a citizen's council, in which immediate measures against the climate catastrophe will be discussed.

You can find out more on our webpage:

I can see and understand the desperation of the hunger strikers very well and I am worried about the young people's health. Their concern is justified and I ask you urgently to speak to them in an honest way.

All scientific data and the deficient climate politics of the government make me worry about the future. Please meet the demands of the young people and talk to them. They are right.

Best wishes