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Decleration of the hungerstrike, 30.08.202)
Decleration of th hungerstrike, 30.08.2021

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Where will the strike take place and when can people meet you there?
We will be at the camp in Spreebogenpark or at the vigil in front of the Reichstag throughout the day. As long as our physical condition allows it, we will also be available for press interviews. It's best to ask in advance via the press email address. 

Can people still join?
We ask urgently. Do not start your own hunger strike!! Even if you are as desperate as we are, try to support us in other ways. We are prepared well, we are in a team and we have a big network of supporters around us. On Thursdays, 6pm EST online, you have the opportunity to join the conversation with us and find out possible ways to stand with us in solidarity. 

Until when are you continuing the hunger strike?
The strike is indefinite. Our aim is the fulfillment of our demands.

How can everyone stay up to date with what is happening?
Check our website, find us on Twitter and Instagram @hungerstreik21 and join the telegram channel 

Can people support the hunger strikers and stand with them in solidarity?
Yes! The best way to support is by being political and politically active. Get informed, join and interfere in discussions, show resistance! We have many other ideas for how you can support us and show your solidarity in direct ways. Follow our social media accounts, join the telegram channel or check out the website every now and then. We also welcome donations to cover our costs.

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