Declaration of the Hunger strike of the last generation

vom 30.08.2021

The intergenerational contract is broken. The persons responsible are abandoning us. They are killing us. They are shaking hands with death instead of keeping alive the earth only borrowed from your children and your children's children. We are on an indefinite hunger strike since 30 August 2021. We are young, but we are ready to risk our lives. We value life and we don't want to die.

But our planet is in a critical situation. Our climate is heating up and our ecosystems are breaking down. Corruption and concentration of power in the hands of a few rob us of any hope for change. Profits are being made every minute by selling out our future.

This moment is a matter of life and death for the young generation. (...)

Our full statement on the hunger strike:

We demand:

1. an immediate discussion with you, the three candidates for chancellor, Mr Laschet, Mr Scholz and Ms Baerbock, about the murder of the young generation.

2. your promise to directly convene a citizens' council in a new government. In this council, immediate measures against the climate crisis, among others a 100% regenerative agriculture, should be discussed.

We will end the hunger strike when our demands are met. Our lives are literally in your hands.

Lina Eichler
Sasha Stier
Simon Helmstedt
Rumen Grabow
Henning Jeschke
Jacob Heinze

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