Concern after spontaneous talk with Olaf Scholz: SPD candidate for chancellor catastrophically underestimates seriousness of situation.

Berlin. Friday, September 18. 2021. Yesterday evening in Potsdam, Olaf Scholz explained in a conversation with Jacob Heinze, Lina Eichler and supporters of the hunger strike of the last generation his position in regards of the climate catastrophe and of the hunger strikers' demand. His statements show how he devastatingly underestimates the urgency of the matter. 

"With a frightening tranquility, Olaf Scholz talks about his plans that will lead our country directly into the climate catastrophe. That terrifies me."

This is why the hunger strikers stress the following again:

The offers to talk from Mrs. Baerbock, Mr. Laschet and Mr. Scholz are not in the slightest touching upon the reasons we are on hunger strike.
They are mocking our hunger strike with their offer of private individual conversations after the elections. And they continue to mislead the public with half-truths - just like with the questions of climate politics. 

Truth is: Us six people of the young generation are risking our health to have a public conversation before the elections, so that all people's health and life can no longer be hawked. 

This conversation will include the fact that our bases of existence are currently being destroyed in an unbelievable and irreversible manner. We have to let in this truth. 

Truth is, that the chancellor-candidates are not expecting people to take the truth about the situation's seriousness easily. This is why they cannot initiate the necessary changes, to halt the climate collapse. 

Our invitation to a joint public conversation is an opportunity for them to tell the truth. The implementation of a citizens' council including topics such as climate politics and necessary immediate measures offers possibility to gain approval for those necessary and far-reaching measures. 

This is why we will have the public conversation on September 23 2021, at 7pm in front of the Reichstag-building. The invitation to the chancellor-candidates stands. Their commitment will end our hunger strike.

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