How will we continue?

The group of the hunger strikers is presenting their positions of how their protest will proceed and has found two answers to the question of what will happen after the date of the public conversation on Thursday, September 23rd at 7 pm.

One part of the hunger strikers is giving an ultimatum to enter a dry hunger strike if the public conversation will be declined, which means that they will refrain from drinking water.
The other part will in this case end their hunger strike on Thursday: "We are deciding for ourselves, that it will not be worth it anymore to waste any more of our precious life and health for the chancellor-candidates. We want to be active in other parts of this society as living, political and forming individuals."

For a few weeks now, there are still people in Hannover, Bonn and Schwerin who are refusing to eat. With today's Monday, four more people are entering the hunger strike out of solidarity. In addition, many people will make a solidary fast for several days.

We are moved by so the amount of solidarity, but want to stress once again that we are not motivating anyone to go on a hunger strike. Such a strike - especially an unprepared one - is an enormous health risk and needs medical support.

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