Day 23: Solidary fasting

Day 23: This week, people all over Germany are solidarily fasting with us for a limited time. In Berlin, some people joined as well. We want to introduce you to a few faces here. We are deeply moved by them, but we want to explicitly stress again that no one should go into a solidary hunger strike without having talked to us and without being prepared.
Here are some statements from the involved people on why they are fasting:

"Why did it have to come this far that people feel forced to put their health in danger? These are no individual cases, but a collective of people who feel that the survival of the planet is more important than their own lives..."

"I am fasting out of solidarity with the hunger strikers in Berlin, because I can understand the desperation over the politicians' lack of necessary action to prevent the climate catastrophe."

"I am fasting because I am desperate about politics, companies and people not taking the necessary steps to stop global heating."

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